AI-revolution: Why will robotics grow in importance post the pandemic?
Online Public talk

Andrey Chernogorov

Dolya Gavanski
(actress, filmmaker)

May 14 2020
-16:00 (GMT)
In focus
We invite you to a discussion between two professionals with visions on the urgent issues facing us today.

They are a man and a woman from different countries and fields - technical and humanitarian, artificial intelligence and theatre and film. One of them is developing AI systems and creating the new reality; the other one is exploring human passions and dilemmas in her performances and documentary films.

How do we combine Greek tragedy and the robots of the future? Will our participants have contrasting views? How do they perceive the world of tomorrow?
    Andrey Chernogorov
    Andrey Chernogorov is one of the founders of Cognitive Pilot, the leading global developer of AI-based systems for autonomous vehicles. The autopilots that his company develops for cars, trams, trains, agriculture machinery and other vehicles work in any weather and any climate, on the roads and spaces of any complexity and geometry.

    The Cognitive Pilot AI-system is developed on the anthropomorphic principle. It's already capable of intuitive thinking and it perceives emotions. A revolutionary 4D Imaging Radar, that was developed by Cognitive Pilot scientists and engineers, has become a real sensation on the automotive market.

    Experts call it as the «third eye» of an autonomous vehicle.
    Among the clients and partners of Cognitive Pilot are the world's leading car manufacturers, Tier-1 companies, agricultural equipment manufacturers and railway corporations.
    Dolya Gavanski
    Dolya Gavanski is a London based international actress and filmmaker. Some of the well known directors she has worked with as an actress are Michael Winterbottom, Angelina Jolie and Sir Trevor Nunn. She has an extensive experience in film, TV, radio and theatre, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary plays, and she has written drama for film and BBC Radio. Dolya is also the voice of the 'strongest woman in the world', Zarya who is from Russia, in a globally successful computer game, Overwatch.

    Thea Films is the UK production company founded by Dolya, whose main focus is to champion female voices and challenge cultural stereotypes. The latest film - which she wrote and directed - is the award-winning documentary Women's Day: selected for numerous festivals, released internationally in cinemas and which was given a special screening at Harvard University, where Dolya was recently invited to speak.
    Thursday , 14 may 2020
    - How do we perceive the world around us today? What moves us?
    - What do we hope for in the time beyond the pandemic?
    - Why is AI not a game, but a means of survival?
    - In what form will humanity exist in the next 5 years?
    - How will our values change? Will robots be viewed as our helpers whereas humans as potentially dangerous?
    - Why is the symbiosis of a robot + human an inevitable branch of our evolution?
    - After the pandemic will people value human contact and emotions the most?
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