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We invite you to join our live stream and have a look at the expert opinion of three influential world experts and visionaries on the current сhallenges of technology sector and human civilization in general.
    David Orban
    David Orban is an investor, entrepreneur, author, blogger, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape. His entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than twenty years.
    David is the Founder and a Trustee of Network Society Research, a London-based global think tank present in over 40 countries.

    He is also on the Faculty of and Advisor to the Singularity University, based in Moffett Field, California, an investor in the Singularity University Labs Accelerator Fund (now SU Ventures), and the President of SingularityU Italy Summit.
    As a sought-after speaker, he has given over 100 keynote addresses and speeches around the world.
    Olga Uskova
    Olga Uskova is a tech entrepreneur, investor and visionary. She is a Founder and President of Cognitive Technologies Group and a CEO at Cognitive Pilot, an autonomous driving technology joint venture of Russia's Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies.

    Also Olga is Head of the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at National University of Science and Technology MISiS, and a Founder the Russian Abstract Art Foundation, aimed at supporting academic and historical understanding of Russian abstract art in the global context.

    Andrey Chernogorov
    Andrey Chernogorov is a Russian entrepreneur and one of the founders of Cognitive Pilot, the leading global developer of AI-based systems for autonomous vehicles. The autonomous driving system his company develops for ground transport (cars, trains, city trams, agriculture machinery) works in any weather and any climate, on the roads and spaces of any complexity and geometry.

    The Cognitive Pilot AI-based system is developed on the anthropomorphic principle and is capable of intuitive thinking. At Tech.AD Berlin - 2019 the system was awarded as "The Most Innovative Active Safety or ADAS Technology of the Year".

    May 7, 2020
    7 PM (CET)
    1 PM (EDT)
    • How will our society change in the next 5 years?
    • How will COVID-19 pandemic transform business processes?
    • How will the world transport system change, and what is the role of AI?
    • How is AI changing agriculture and rail transportation?
    • Will car-sharing services disappear and why personal cars are so important again?
    • How will the human attitude towards robots and AI change?
    • Why will our civilization inevitably move towards the symbiosis of ROBOT + HUMAN?
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